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Our vision is to excite gamers for blockchain gaming by creating a game that unites the fun and thrill of traditional gaming with the immense benefits of blockchain and NFT tech. We want to allow players to create real world value while doing what they love — playing a game that offers captivating battles, touching stories and stunning art.

Game Description

Kelepar is a turn-based strategy RPG which hosts its own NFT marketplace that trades in-game NFTs as well as collections from various artists. The game design is focused around beautiful hand-drawn artworks, touching stories and exciting PvP battles. In Kelepar the player controls a party of multiple heroes which he uses to battle other players in the PvP Arena or to fight his way through a captivating PvE storyline.

Game Features

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Epic cyberpunk world on a desert planet presented in gorgeous hand drawn 2D art.

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Free-to-Play: Get free heroes to dive into the world of Kelepar.

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Captivating PvP battles and a PvE storyline where you affect the world around you.

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Integrated NFT Marketplace to trade in-game assets and other NFTs.


Kelium is the most potent propellant humanity ever discovered. Join the fight for this extremely valuable resource and earn Kelium by winning battles. KEL is Kelepar’s payment token, traded on the Archway blockchain.

Phase 1
Landing on Kelepar

Launch of the NFT Marketplace, Gen0 Hero collection and a beta version of the game.

  • Mint, buy and sell NFTs on our marketplace accessible through the website.
  • Launching the Gen0 Hero collection consisting of 31 different heroes.
  • Off-chain closed beta version of the game.
Phase 2
Let the battles begin

Release of the game on desktop and launch of the Kelium token.

  • Main user interface with integrated NFT marketplace.
  • Launch of Kelium Token.
  • Fight in epic battles against other players to earn the scarce Kelium.
  • Gain experience and level up your heroes.
  • Send your heroes to the Tavern to recruit and mint new heroes.
Phase 3
Explore the entire planet

Launch mobile apps and release the story mode.

  • Launch mobile gaming experience on android and iOS apps.
  • Fight through captivating PvE storylines and influence the world of Kelepar with your decisions.
  • Get new equipment and skins through loot boxes.
Phase 4
Expand to new horizons

Drive adoption and tap into new communities by leveraging the power of Cosmos dApp chains.

  • Transition to own IBC enabled dApp chain.
  • Release expansion packs including new heroes, storylines and equipment.
  • Direct FIAT onramp
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The Team

Lukasinho PFP


CEO | Co-Founder

  • @cryptolukasinho
  • Lukas Unterschütz
Baeri3000 PFP


CTO | Co-Founder

  • @baeri3000
  • Lars Stalder
Bitzilla PFP


Smart Contract Developer

  • @Bitzilla22
  • Luca Raneri
Tr4ck3r PFP


Smart Contract Developer

  • @tr4ck3r1_
Tarted da Júlia PFP

Tartes da Júlia

Game Developer

  • Henrique Ribeiro
Christi PFP



Prellingua PFP



Sarah Blume PFP

Sarah Blume


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